Thursday, July 16, 2009

New day, new recipes, new cookbook!

Today is "Thai Day" in our house. We'll be experimenting with making our own green curry paste and then using that paste in a dish for dinner. Thai food is one of M and my favorite kinds of food and learning to cook Thai-style has been an ongoing adventure for us. I have made several Thai dishes in the past, but always use jarred or canned curry paste, so making my own will be fun. This will be a green curry when I usually use red, so another turn in the adventure. I grow lemongrass, Thai basil and have a Thai lime tree (kafir lime) growing in a pot, so the three most difficult to get ingredients aren't a problem for me, but for those of you out there without such resources, your local grocery or ethnic/Asian grocery can probably provide you with the resources you need. You can usually find fresh lemongrass in the produce section of better groceries these days and the lime leaves and basil can often be found in the frozen section of Asian groceries. Today's cookbook is the Complete Book of Thai Cooking by Linda Stephen. Here's a link to it on Amazon for those interested:

I'll post the recipes and my results later today, but wanted to give you a head start on the book. The recipes we'll be using are on pages 205 and 207, Green Curry Paste and Green Curry Chicken with Eggplant. I'll post more later!

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